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computer or laptop buying tips

In the Computer Zone every day, new technologies are coming in the market, so decide which computer to buy (Which computer to be purchased) Which computer is good (Which computer is the best) Very difficult If you are thinking of purchasing a new computer from the market, then before buying it may be necessary to know that shopping on your computer will be easy – How to Buy a Computer Tips – Tips to focus before buying computer.

Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer – laptop or desktop


Laptop is better or desktop, there may be a long debate on this subject too. Both of them have their own characteristics and some problems are also associated with them, such as the desktop you can not take anywhere in a laptop like a laptop, such as a keyboard and mouse (laptop) Mouse can not start work by buying immediately from the market when bad happens. Then, who is better and whose choice should be, the direct thing is to see the desktop, even if it is huge and big, but desktop maintenance is as cheap and cheap as opposed to laptops The Laptop Maintenance is somewhat dispersed, lapatap is a delicate tool compared to desktop, but also portable. So if you think from your work that you need a portable device that can go anywhere with you, then take the laptop, if not, then you can choose Desktop.

Nowadays there are many advanced processor available in the market, such as Core i5, Core i7, if you are a Home User, then you can change the speed of these processors. You will also not be able to know, you can choose core i3 or dual core for domestic work, Core I5, compared to Core i7, it is quite cheap.
Change your old Pentium4 or DualCore cpu to i3 or i5


RAM gives your computer a working space, if in direct language, the higher your computer RAM is less likely to hang, though nowadays less than 2 GB RAM and then a laptop and computer But if you want to increase the speed of the computer, you can choose 4 GB of RAM (4GB RAM).

Graphic card

With all the motherboards, the graphic card comes inbuilt, allowing you to pick up the Laptop of web browsing, movies and games, so if you have to do your daily work like MS Office Apart from MS Office, if you are playing web browsing, movies and games then you do not have to think much about the graphic card.

Hard Disk Drive

There is a huge difference between the work of home and office. In the office, you work mostly on applications like Word and Excel, their files do not take up much space, but at home you store games, photos, movies, as well as work in computers, For which you need more space. Anyway, if you are only getting the quality of mobile phones and video quality too, and if you store their photo and video in the computer then you will have to choose a high capacity hard disk Therefore, make the selection of hard disk drives in a big way, nowadays, hard disk space up to 500 GB to 2000 GB is available in the market.

Screen Size

Many people choose a laptop from the screen size, but do not ever try the laptop screen by looking at the screen size, due to the larger screen size, the laptop can be heavy (heavy), and if the display is less resolution Computing Experience can also be bad if there is a low resolution. So, like the good resolution screen, if you do not look good, then consider your money as waste. Look at the screen resolution For desktop you can choose the size of the screen at your convenience, although the medium size 18.5 inch display is perfect, but if you have a desire to watch a movie on the computer or you want to watch the TV by putting a TV tuner on it So 22 inch monitor size is enough.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi network has become common to use the Internet, it has become very easy to use internet sharing with the help of Wi-Fi. Now you can get any Wi- Fi router or hotspot can easily share the internet, so you can give commands to other devices also with the help of Wi-Fi, now the Wi-Fi printer can also be started Bluetooth, Wi-Fi from Bluetooth Data can be transferred at many times in Ullna, it can transfer 60 MB data in 1 second, so before purchasing computers and laptops, check to see if it has Wi-Fi connectivity.

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