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Millions of people use collars around the world. And you probably also used it. If not, we give you information about this. Whenever someone calls you from an unknown number, the Tracker App lets you know the identity of that user. The tractor makes contact details through all the user’s smartphone’s address book. Maybe you have never used this app but your number and name are still in the database of the truecaller. Because maybe before your number is using another and he has stored his database on the truecaller.

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Not everyone knows this, but the Tracker App also tells some fixed line phone addresses. If there is a telemarketer and a spam call from an office address, then there is no problem. But you would never want that a person should know the address of your house, that too only because you called him. True, the tractor gets this information from the public data store. This is because someone knows you landline number In addition, know the registered address of the phonebook available in the public sector. Or, by entering your landline number in Google, your address will be known.

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In this case, you would like to get rid of your number from the database of the truecaller. Keep in mind that if you use this app you can not remove your number from this service. You have to close your account to delete the number. If you wanted to know the contact details of others by removing your number then this is not possible.

On iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile, you can deactivate your tractor account like this.

To Close Truecaller Account To Do This


Open the app> Tap People icon in the top left corner> Settings> About> Deactivate account.


Open the app> tap on the gear icon on the right side> About the Truecaller> Go down> Deactivate the Truecaller.

Windows mobile

Open the app, then tap the three dot icon appearing on the bottom right corner> Settings> Help> deactivate the account.

After closing the scrolling account, you can remove your number from this service. For this, it will be …

How to remove numbers from a truecaller

1. Go to the truecaller’s unlist page.

2. Enter your number with country code. For example- +911140404040 or +919999999999

3. Tell the reason by choosing an option to unlist. If you want you can tell another reason in another form.

4. Insert Verification Captcha.

5. Click on Unlist.

The tractor says that it removes these numbers within 24 hours of getting the unlist request. This does not mean that your number will not always exist in this service. We removed our number a year ago During this time we did not use the truecaller, but our number once again appeared on this service. The right way to do this is to check with someone who knows the identity of the tractor, whether or not your contact details appear. If not, then you managed to remove your number from the truecaller. If you see, you can always ask to remove your number from the truecaller.