Facebook New Feature | Delete Message you sent -They will not able to see it.

Facebook has created a new feature that now you can delete the message you sent to others. Now the person you sent message will be deleted without notifying them about this.

facebook update
Facebook new features. now you can delete message you sent

The person who sent the message earlier could also see the person who was able to delete the message on Facebook messenger. But the receiver will now be able to deliver the message even after not seeing.

You have only Certain time period to delete such sent messages after that you will not be able to do so. Sender can delete the message he/she sent within 10 minutes only without notifying receiver on Facebook messenger. After 10 minutes sender will not able to delete the messages he/she sent to receiver. This criteria has been kept seeing the misuses could happen in future.

facebook new features
popup message after you select to delete message

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said this feature was available for a long time in his chat box. Facebook was planning previously to roll this update but due to some reason it couldn’t happens so. Facebook users asked for this feature to be available for everyone.

Then on Tuesday, Facebook has made this feature public for all Facebook users .But it is taking some time to update this feature in all users.

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