Google Adsense in Nepal | How to get Adsense Approval in Nepal


Google Adsense in Nepal | How to get Adsense Approval | Must Read

Google Adsense in Nepal, if you are a Blogger, YouTuber and Web Developer then you have heard about Google Adsense. If you are a beginner and don’t know about Google Adsense then don’t worry, today I will teach you all about Google Adsense, How to get Google Adsense Approval in Nepal step by step.

Content Topics:

  • What is Google Adsense?
  • Make Google Adsense account?
  • Google Adsense Approval?
  • How to get Google Adsense Pin Verification letter in Nepal?
  • How to receive Google Adsense payment in Nepal?

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is ads serving the world biggest ads network company. Google name is enough to know about Google Adsense. I am a Blogger and a YouTuber from Nepal and I am using Google Adsense for 3 years. Let me make you clear about Google Adsense, Adsense is just mediator between seller and buyer.

Do you want to earn money online? Google Adsense could be best for you if you are Nepali. Why Google Adsense is best for earning money in Nepal on the internet? Google Adsense is the platform created by the world biggest company Google. Not only this Google Adsense payment is easy in Nepal, High paying rates and the main thing is that it is 100% legit.

Lets me talk about, How much you can earn from Google Adsense in Nepal? To be frank, if you work hard, your content is SEO friendly and the most important thing is that your content is unique and qualitative.

How to make Google Adsense account?

To make Google Adsense you must need the following things:

  • Google Account or Gmail account (which every Android or IOS users have in today’s context).
  • You must have a Blogger site, Website or YouTube channel.

How to make a Blogger site?
How to make YouTube Channel?

  • Go to click here
  • Click on Get Started

Google Adsense in Nepal

  • First enter your website URL, (like or you can enter your YouTube Channel link.
  • Enter your Gmail account and tick mark the option reading carefully.
  • If you apply through website or blogger then you will be provided HTML code.
  • Enter that HTML code between <head> Here </head>
  • If you are from YouTube then no need to do anything. Just wait for google response in the mailbox.
  • Keep in mind that your content should not be copied from other or copyrighted. It must be unique and qualitative.

Get Google Adsense Approval in Nepal?

If you want to get Google Adsense Approval then you must follow the google guidelines properly. Today I will share you all the things which have to follow carefully to get Google Adsense approval. I have lots of people are buying and selling Google Adsense which is completely illegal. Google says, one people, can have the only one Adsense account. If your account is banned or terminated then you can make on your family members. But the payment can only withdraw by that person who has an account in their name from Google Adsense.

You have to follow the following things. 

  • You must have .com domain
  • Must have a social media account(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) related to that domain or site.
  • You must have About US, Contact, Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Sitemap Pages on your Site

→How to make About US, Contact, Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, and Sitemap Pages? Click here

  • 20+ unique non-copyright  article more than 500 words (each categories page must have at least 3 articles)
  • Your site should not look like still under development process.
  • Choose a mobile-friendly theme or template. Simple and easy, don’t make user complicated in the name of uniqueness.
  • Your Navigate menu should be simple and easy to navigate. (in other words, make it the user-friendly.)

→How to generate unique articles for Google Adsense Approval? Click here

If you follow all the above mention things, I guarantee you 100% that you will be approved.

How to get Google Adsense Pin Verification letter in Nepal?

After you have been approved by Google Adsense. You must have many questions. how I get payment? where google sends pin verification letter. I will cover you’re all the questions.

Firstly, to get a pin verification letter from Google Adsense you must have 10$ in your Adsense account. It means you must earn 10$. After that Google Adsense will ask you to verify your identity using the passport, citizenship, driving license or any other card issued by the government. Only after this process complete Google Adsense will send a pin verification letter to your address.

I live in Kathmandu and my permanent address is outside any other district. In this case, can I request pin verification letter in my current address? Yes, you can. But During identity verification keeps in mind that you must include permanent address.

For Example:

Dharan, 05 Belbari(permanent)
Naya Baneswor, 01 Santinagar(current)
Kathmandu, Nepal 44600 (44600 is postal code of sundhara, Kathmandu)

To receive Pin Verification letter as above address goes to sundhara postal office ask them, I have received from room number 5. You don’t have to pay any money to receive this letter.

How to receive Google Adsense payment in Nepal?

There are three options to receive Google Adsense payment in Nepal.

  • Cheque
  • Bank
  • Wire Transfer ( Western Union)

You might be confused about, which method should I choose? Past 2 years I am using only to methods for receiving payments. Primary is Western Union and Second is a bank. There are the different condition in two ways. When you choose wired transfer ie, Western Union, you will get your payment within 24 hours after Google Adsense release payment.

Google Release all partners payment on 21st of every months. For example, if you full fill your payment threshold of 100$ before the end of the month of January, your payment will be released on 21st January. If not then your payment will be released on 21st  of next month. Keep in mind that on 21st of the month there is no international holidays. Otherwise you will get payment regulary on 21st of the every month.

Bank Transfer: My second Option is bank transfer. For this in need swift code of Bank and that can be easily available nowaday on bank website in Nepal. Your Google Adsense name and Bank account details must be matched otherwise you will not get paid.

Conclusion: I think I have completed all the queries about Google Adsense in Nepal. If you have any kinds of questions related to Google Adsense you can comment down. I will replay within 24hours. If this post is helpful please share with others.

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