How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners | Create a blogger site


How To Make Money Blogging for Beginners | Create a blogger site 2019

Today I will share you about how to make money blogging for beginners. Not only this but also how to create a blogger site looking professional completely free and make money blogging daily.

Create a money-making blogging Blogger Site 2019 Completely free | Step by Step Process for beginners

  • You must have Gmail or Google account to create a blogger site free.
  • Go to click here

login to blogger

  • Click on create your blogs. Google account sign-in page will open, enter your google account id password and sign-in.
  • After that, you will be redirected to

blogger welcome page
blogger welcome page

  • Enter Your Display Name( you can put any name)
  • Click on Create new blog. New Pop Up will Open like below photo.

create blogger site
create blogger site

  • Enter your blogger site Title ( like my AdrifCruzz)
  • Second Address is your site domain like my will be like this This is coming because it’s free domain and you don’t have to pay. If you want to like my .com domain you have to buy

How to buy a domain and add in blogger?

  • Select a theme or template (theme or template is the main part of your site how it looks like.)

Best Blogger Theme or Template free Google Adsense Friendly.
Top 5 Website For non-copyright Photos and Video Clips

How to Make Money Blogging Blogger Site for Beginner Step By Step Process.

There are different ways to make money blogging:
•Google Adsense
•Selling or writing blogs for others ( there are lots of websites which higher bloggers and pay well amount)
•Affiliate Marketing Blogging

How to get Adsense Approval within 1 week.

  1. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is the best way to make money blogging on the internet. You can read another article for making Google Adsense account. Click here
  2. You can sell your articles on a different website. Best Website to earn money writing articles.
  3. Affiliate Marketing Blogging: It means selling other’s products from different website like Amazon, Click Bank, etc. Make a Website on a specific product.


If you want to make money blogging then I will not recommend you to make free on blogger. I will recommend you to start making a website on WordPress. There is only two simple and best reason that I recommend you to use WordPress:

  • WordPress is an open-source platform to make professional website used by 90+million peoples. More than 1 Billion websites on google are made by using WordPress. Easy to customize your website.
  • SEO friendly and WordPress website rank are higher in Google Search Engine.

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