Messenger Dark Mode Enable by sending moon emoji

Facebook Messenger is one of the most prominent IM apps, working off the fundamental social media stage to enable associated users to helpfully message one another. While other IM platforms exist, including Facebook’s own super prominent Whats App, Facebook Messenger has its own draws because of its tight reconciliation with Facebook which allows the web mammoth to heat in additional usefulness like commitment tools.

Despite Facebook’s massive infrastructure and resources, it has set aside a long while for Facebook to actualize exceptionally requested features. Dark mode is one of those functionalities that has been hoarding the spotlight over and over, yet with not a single genuine roll out to be seen. News of Messenger’s redesign with an included dark mode surfaced last year in May, and the redesign with the dark mode took off to a bunch of users in September. The simpler redesign started broadly taking off in November, yet the dark topic was mysteriously gone. You could empower the dark subject informally, yet that strategy required root access, which put it distant for most of Facebook’s intended interest group.

facebook messenger dark mode

facebook messenger dark mode

facebook messenger dark mode

Notably, Facebook has incorporated an Easter egg in Facebook Messenger that activates Dark Theme without truly resorting to an excessive number of extra steps. You should simply send a crescent moon emoji ( this one, specifically) to anyone in talk in Messenger, exit out of the application totally and enter back once more. At that point, long press on the sent moon emoji, and you will have the dark mode switch spring up on your settings screen. It sounds silly, however it works, similar to how one can empower Snap chat Alpha by finding Bermuda on the Snap Map.

We can affirm this Easter egg trap works — there are genuine strings present inside the APK, and our very own few partners who use Facebook Messenger have made sense of how to sanction dull mode through the emoticon. The methodology works on both Android and iOS.

Experiment with the moon emoji, and let us know whether it works for you, in the comments beneath!


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