These 5 games can play with friends even without internet

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If you want to play multiplayer games with your friends and you do not have internet connectivity, you can play these five games

Most mobile games companies are gradually moving towards offline gaming from offline. The reason for this is that in online gaming, you just need a device with a good internet connection and you are ready to play the game together with the whole world. We are telling you today about such fun 5 multiplaying games that you can play with your friends without having to sit at home without internet connection.

Bomb Squad

If you have played a popular game named Bomberman in your childhood, then you will easily understand its concept. But the difference is that it gives you more freedom of movement than Bomberman because this game has been designed to give a 3D environment gaming experience. This game also gives you multiplayer gameplay options, in which you can make your gaming experience even more powerful by playing with your friends.


Badland 2 is a side-scrolling game, which you can play with your friends. This award is Winning Game Physics Based Game, which has very good graphics and audio. You can play it in multiplayer mode in the beam device with your friend and can compete with each other.

Glow Hockey 2

As the name implies, Glow Hockey 2 is a simple local multiplayer air hockey game. If you want to play simple graphics, cool and control game, then this game is for you. All you have to do is take the points by shaking the cursor and putting the ball in the goal of the opponent’s player. It may sound boring in hearing but if you play it with your friends then it will not let you bore.

Sea Battle 2

Sea Battle is made on the lines of the old popular game battleship. It gives you many options to play, in which there are two different types of local multiplexing modes. One of these is “connection over bluetooth” and one is “pass-by-pass” play style. There are several game modes in single player and online multiplayer play style.

Chess by AI Factory Limited

Chess is a game about which we probably do not have to tell you much more. You will find many chess games in the Play Store, but the Chess made by AI Factory are very good. Its simple graphics, easy gameplay, and board themes make it different from the rest of the chess games. You can also play it with your friends without internet connectivity.

You Can download all the above mentions from play store. Soory that i didn’t mention the link of game in upcoming day i will give you link of all the games.