These tips will run longer and you will not be bothered

Does your phone’s battery end soon? If so, then you need to know some very easy tips. With these tips, the battery of your smartphone will last longer and you will not be bothered. Let’s know what these tips are

Vibration Turn Turn Off
If you want to save your smartphone’s battery life, first turn off the vibrations of the phone. Vibration on expense consumes more battery.

Background Color of the phone
If you have an AMOLED display in the phone you have, then keep the background of your phone black. This will cost the battery less.

Turn Off Tracking Location
Turn off your phone’s tracking location. This will make your battery run longer. In fact, most of the apps in the mobile track the location of the user and it costs more of the battery.

Delete extra unneeded apps
Remove deceptive apps from your mobile. If you are using Facebook, then use its light version. Also delete the e-commerce site’s apps. All these apps consume more of your battery.